Coaching Packages

The spritzer programme
An introduction to coaching with your allocated coach for 90 minutes. This session is designed to enthuse, inspire and captivate the essence of you and your future.

The Energizer and Vitality Programme
For entrepreneurs who are looking to manage their health and wellness over a 3-month period. Perhaps, you are an existing business and want to expand or are looking to develop new concepts and ideas which will grow into creating a new business alongside your existing one.
Entrepreneurs are not afraid to thrive or take risks, but they need to look after their wellness in getting to their next destination. Working with The Wolf Coaching Organisation enables us to monitor, motivate and inspire you, but at that same time maintain that accountability that is crucial for achieving success.
Very often it is easy to get waylaid or disheartened when you are in struggling to keep all the balls in the air as a business owner. It's our job to look after you and the wellness of your business ventures.

The Super Sustainability Development Programme
This is a 12 month programme. This is where we really pin down and highlight a 12-month coaching relationship for your personal wellness and for the future of your multiple businesses. Working and being coached by The Wolf Coaching Organization will not only take you to the next step, but we will accompany and coach you in taking those steps. Perhaps for some it’s a blind leap of faith to truly startbelieving and overcoming obstacles in finally making your vision and passion become your reality.

"Life coaching with Jazmine untaps your hidden potential and propels you to roar with courage like a lion, and make positive life changing decisions"