The Wolf Business Club

Becoming an exclusive member of The Wolf Business Club gives you access to a list of services that will support, inspire and ignite your fire, passion and purpose and keep you moving forward with the true wellness that every entrepreneur deserves.

One to coaching support.
Fortnightly/monthly coaching via skype.
Access to the Wolf team, who support your health, wealth and business.
Bi-monthly newsletters, relating to health, business and well being.
15% discount to selected exclusive coaching packages, workshops and seminars
A closed, online community to meet and network with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

This membership is valid for twelve months.


"Great workshop! Very well done and very useful information delivered in an excellent manner. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in finding their true passion in life and want to learn more about themselves."
Anna Pawlowska

"Jazmine's workshop was inspirational and professionally administered.  In answering the questions about what drives me, I was able to tap into that part of me that wishes to succeed.  She's an accomplished speaker and is very compassionate."
Lisa Goodson