Wellbeing Coaching

Your wellbeing and health is the fundamental core of our life force and vitality. Without health or wellbeing, we are unable to perform our daily tasks to our greatest potential or ability. Understanding and taking full responsibility for our health is integral to being the best we can be.

Perhaps you have suffered ill health or fragmented energy and vitality due to a busy and frenetic lifestyle or a long term Illness.  Being aware of your health empowers and enables us to explore the options and make the best decisions and choices.  Making different choices for our health and noticing the change in our mind and bodies pays dividends and adds longevity to our personal and professional lives.

As your coach, we work closely together and at a pace that identifies your individual wellbeing and health needs. Working in the corporate sector as a professional or running a business, places taxing and challenging demands on all aspects of your being.

Making a commitment to make positive and long-term changes gives you the opportunity to embrace and recognize how to address and subscribe to our own wellbeing and health plan. Transforming for today and for our future.

"Jazmine is an empathetic and inspirational wellness coach. I worked with her in an intensive one-off session to brainstorm ways to re-focus on my inner creativity and create the weekly structures that support it. She is able to focus brilliantly on the solutions needed to balance work and lifestyle. I've noticed a massive difference in my outlet over the weeks following the coaching session and cannot recommend her highly enough"
Felicity Keefe. Fine Artist